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This Wasn’t My Idea

If you ever have the misfortune of sharing a prison cell with me, rest assured that your social and psychological care are in the capable hands of dedicated Potterhead, professional weird-outer and source of spasmodic passionate conversations on everything Game of Thrones, Lillian Lau. My academic intelligence, however, remains questionable to this day. As you sit down awkwardly next to me and we grudgingly begin a conversation, you discover that I’m facing lifetime imprisonment for defacing the internet with a deluge of anime and Percy Jackson. Weapon of choice: a WordPress blog. So you ask me, “Why write a blog?”.

First thing’s first – let me clarify that this blog is not the lovechild of me and my undying love for writing. In fact, publishing a blog was the last thing on my list, right behind jumping head-first down Niagara Falls. Secondly, if I even remotely remind you of your Aunt Sue twice removed, no matter how nice or pretty she is, let me say this: NO I DO NOT LOOK LIKE YOUR AUNTIE. The sentiment, however, is appreciated. While walking towards the canteen for a welcome but unsurprisingly disgusting lunch, you pick up the courage to inquire, “May I read it?”. I snort and say, “Sure. If you have a phone.”. Setting down your tray dripping with grey goulash you grin covertly and pull out a cellphone you managed to sneak in. My eyes widen as I see the local thugs approach you from the back. You, being happily oblivious, continue tapping enthusiastically on your iPhone’s aluminium silicate screen. Finally realizing a menacing presence, you turn nervously. Your living daylights are promptly knocked out of you. Oh yeah. That reminds me. I haven’t answered your question yet. So why this blog? Once you’ve come to your senses, read on and find out 🙂



A girl. Quasi-grownup. Unaware of the full connotations of the word "adulthood".

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