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I Walk Among Giants

Look at me! I am small

Barely five-foot-four, I ain’t very tall,

But I stand amidst giants

With my nose upturned in defiance,

And – holy f- here comes a ball!


It weighs a ton and a half

And the giants all laugh

As I squirm and struggle for life

But the ball seems to say,

“That’s enough for today,

Give up, you miniature lowlife.”


I live amidst giants

who play with balls of Math and Music and Science

And while they play I roll mine uphill,

When success seems close

The ball rolls down – BLOODY HELL THAT BLOWS

I swear, Hades has no chill.


Still, I roll my ball for I have been given a path,

A road I must walk, else I risk my conscience’s wrath

I take grudging steps forwards in over-sized shoes –

Ma, what were you thinking?

That my feet still need growing?

These footwear require so much filling – it’s abuse!


But I walk among giants,

Friends who have left behind the footprints of Titans,

And though I may stumble and fall,

My feet may yet grow

There is a path and footsteps I will follow,

And someday – who knows? – I’ll play with my ball.







A girl. Quasi-grownup. Unaware of the full connotations of the word "adulthood".

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